Ghostwriting Rates

If you’re looking for a ghostwriter to bring your idea to life, but you’re unsure of what exactly to expect rate-wise, look no further. For your convenience, I have drawn numbers from several different ghostwriters and sites to determine an average, as well as the typical range. The truth is, ghostwriting rates vary dramatically. However,Continue reading “Ghostwriting Rates”

3 Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

You might have wondered why people are willing to spend so much money to have other people write book’s for them. Perhaps you’re one of those people yourself, and you’re considering taking on a ghostwriter for your project. In this post, I’ll be cover the top three reasons that you should hire a ghostwriter. Let’sContinue reading “3 Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter”

My Ghostwriting Process

When I first began writing, it took me a long time to determine what my process was. For a while, I didn’t think that it was necessary to have a single way of doing things. Now I realize that (while it’s great to branch out and try new methods), in most cases, you’ll end upContinue reading “My Ghostwriting Process”

What does it mean to be a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is one of those terms that many people hear at some point in their lives, but never fully understand. Those who know the definition might not know most of the details, even those who are seeking to be or hire a ghostwriter. So what exactly is a ghostwriter? Put simply, a ghostwriter is aContinue reading “What does it mean to be a ghostwriter?”