Book Coaching

I am now offering book consultations to help you through the process of writing your novel/story. This includes one-on-one phone calls/video calls (whichever you prefer), before which I will read any material that you have in order to discuss your next steps.

The frequency of calls will depend on your project, writing speed & personal preferences. They can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, or we can determine dates that work for both of us call-by-call.


Each one-hour consultation is $70, and I will read the first 1,000 words of material for free. Each additional 1,000 words is $20, though this can be negotiated based on book length.


You might decide to work with me with nothing more than an idea for your book, or you could already have an outline and/or some of the writing already complete. If the former is the case, we would spend the first call brainstorming and bouncing ideas back and forth. Depending on our progress, I might talk you through the outlining process so you could work on this during the time leading up to our next call. We could also work on your outline together, or- if you already have an outline- I could give feedback and help you flesh it out and begin the writing process.

Consultations will provide you with a new set of eyes, ideas, and advice, as well as an accountability partner to guide you through the process of beginning and completing your book.

Feel free to reach out through my contact page, or send an email straight to If you are interested in hiring me as a ghostwriter to write your book for you, you can learn more about my ghostwriting services here.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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