Darkness Rise: A Forbidden Power (First novel in The Mysticus Series)

Age Group: Young Adults (14+)

A city where magic is banned. A girl with a dangerous secret. A journey begins…

Sospes is the only magic-free civilization in Mysticus. People with supernatural abilities—known commonly as wielders—are banished upon discovery. Kydessia Swift, daughter of the current mayor and descendant of the city’s founder, has a secret: The forces of nature are hers to command. Following a betrayal, Dessie finds herself being cast out of the only home she’s ever known. Now vulnerable to the wild creatures beyond Sospes’ border, she must journey to the one place she knows where she’d be accepted.

But the trees have been whispering of a rising darkness. Peace might not be as easy as she thought. Will Dessie’s path lead her into danger, or will she reach her safe haven?

Kissing Roses (First novel in the Cheshire Chronicles series)

Age Group: Young Adults (14+)

To prevent a war between the Four Kingdoms of Card, a group of Wonderland teens seek out the most infamous, mad person in their world: Alice, whose arrival created a dangerous rabbit hole to another dimension.


Bailey (Amazon short read)

Age Group: Young Adults (14+)

Bailey died. Now the mangled cat is on her last life, and she’s determined to avenge herself. To send her killer to his own grave.

Bring Me Back (Amazon Short Read)

Age Group: Young Adult (14+)

After his little sister’s death, James is determined to find someone who can help him change the past and bring her back to life.

Precipice (Amazon Short Read)

Age Group: Young Adult (14+)

17-year-old Rose Merula doesn’t know why she keeps returning to the cliff. It’s as if some strange force is pulling her there, and she can’t stop it from happening. A discovery of mysterious records leads Rose to believe that she’s a reincarnation of a girl who died thirty years ago from falling off the cliff, which makes Rose begin to panic- it’s getting harder to stay away.


Dear Jackson (Self-published YA novella)

Age Group: Young Adult (14+)

When 16-year-old Malcolm Gibbs’ parents divorce, he, his Mom and his little sister Annie move to rural Kentucky to live with his Grandmother. The news of his brother Jackson’s death sends Malcolm reeling, and the suggestion of a therapist leads him to write a log addressed to his deceased brother. With help from his charming neighbor, Bella, as well as the support of his family, will Malcolm be able to find light in the darkness?

Time Travel / Romance:

Out of Time

Age Group: New Adult (18-30)

Beatrice is a time traveler who can’t remember her origin. She searches for answers by building new lives in several different time periods (from 1920s Paris to 1980s Louisiana and more), hoping to find where she belongs- and falling in love several times along the way.

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